Residential Building Inspector

New Home Building Private CertificateA building development approval for building work is required before starting construction on most types of domestic building work. These approvals are also known as building permits or building approvals.

Building certifiers are responsible for assessing whether proposed building work complies with all relevant provisions of the Building Act 1975, Building Code of Australia, Queensland Development Codes and relevant Australian Standards.

Some aspects of domestic building work such as the maximum height, setback or character of a building may be controlled under a council planning scheme and a planning permit may be required from council. This is assessed and determined on lodgement of the building application.

Services BA Group can assist you with include Pre-lodgement assessment of preliminary plans for compliance with the Building Code, lodgement of council applications (plumbing, concurrence agency referrals), energy efficiency assessments, bushfire assessments, town planning referrals and assessment of fire engineering or alternate building solutions.

Submit Building Application

  • Payment of invoice to be completed prior to further processing of your application
  • Email your completed Client Lodgement Application form, plans, engineering and other supporting information

Asses Building Application

  • Our certifiers will assess your plans for compliance against the Building Code of Australia and development codes
  • If further information is needed an information request letter will be sent to you and assessment will continue upon receipt of requested information

Building Approval Issued

  • A Building Permit is sent electronically by BA Group to the client (applicant), owner and Council (for their archiving)

Building Work Inspected

  • Mandatory stage inspections of building work are carried are out by our building certifiers as noted on the building approval
  • Where inspection is satisfactory and relevant stage project certificates received, a Form 16 Inspection Certifiate will be issued
  • Where work is unsatisfactory or incomplete re-inspection may be required prior to issue of a Form 16 Inspection Certificate

Completion of Building Works & Issue of Final Certificates

  • Building work is completed and a satisfactory final inspection is carried out
  • All relevant project certificates are supplied
  • Final Inspection Certificate is issued – Form 11 or  Form 21 Final Inspection Certificate. A copy is sent electronically to the client (applicant), owner and Council

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