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Complete the project on time and on budget with BA Group

Today’s builders deal with numerous challenges; contract time frames, project budgets and Workplace Health and Safety obligations to name a few. Overlay these challenges with complex building legislation, ongoing changes to the Building Code of Australia and understanding Council planning schemes and it’s easy to see why projects can be challenging.

Our trusted professional building certifiers provide expert advice delivered with efficient building approval service, allowing the builder to focus on the job of building.

BA Group can:

  • Identify other approvals needed before building approval is issued. Awareness of issues early on in the project, can allow the builder to better plan, budget and advise their clients;
  • Prevent costly changes to building work already underway through up-to-date knowledge of building legislation;
  • Provide the builder with certainty when making decisions for technical design changes to meet code compliance, saving time and money;
  • Deliver an efficient building approval service allowing the builder to start work when planned and complete the project on time.

Our experience and knowledge can save you time and money

Experience in the application of the building certification system can avoid problems encountered onsite after building approval has been issued that may result in additional costs and delays in finalising the project. Expert knowledge of current building legislation and development codes can also affect the assessment process and avoid delay of building approval. Dated paper-based operating systems can slow the processing of building applications and limit access to current information for the builder during construction.

Since 2006, BA Group has been helping Queensland’s builders deliver quality homes through our building approval and BCA consulting services. BA Group offers our clients a paperless building applicaton, approval and finalisation process. All buildng inspections are completed onsite electronically and emailed to our clients in real time. We also offier our clients a unique mobile app that allows inspections to be book electronically at any time – no need to call our office.

BA Group has the expertise to deliver your building project. Using the experience gained through over 16 years in the building certification industry and powerful building certification management software we are able to provide accurate, timely building approvals with up to date information on the status of your application and approval time.

We are widely recommended for building approvals for all residential, commercial and industrial building work, servicing projects across the Sunshine Coast and greater Brisbane areas.

Our services include:

  • Building approval and certification services (all building classes)
  • Building inspections (approved building work)
  • BCA & regulatory consultancy
  • Energy efficiency reporting
  • Town planning assessment
  • Council application support

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